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Backed by over 20 years of experience in corporate writing and communications in New York and San Francisco, Robin helps executives, entrepreneurs, and other thought leaders in diverse industries over-deliver on their messaging goals through laser-like focus on the details that make a difference. With a conscientious, responsive, and deadline-driven approach, Robin specializes in creating targeted content for companies of all sizes and in all stages of development—from Fortune 1000 corporations to startups.

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With more than two decades of experience in corporate writing, copywriting, editorial, advertising, media, and marketing in New York and San Francisco, Robin can handle your toughest copywriting challenges. Whether you need social media content, advertising copy, a press release, or a white paper, she can deliver tight, compelling, and effective copy on your timeline.

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Robin is a top-tier ghostwriter who represents executives, organizations, and individuals by partnering to create their books, bylined articles, blog posts, position papers, and more. Her client list includes prominent CEOs, senior executives, business experts, and other thought leaders in diverse industries. Robin is exceptionally skilled at capturing the voice of her clients, and she works with the utmost discretion. Confidential ghostwriting samples are available on request.

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As a contributing writer for U.S. News & World Report, Robin blogs frequently on business, career, and management issues. She also provides blog writing services for corporate clients, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to give voice to personal and company viewpoints, and help establish individuals and firms as thought leaders in their industry.

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In addition to blog posts, Robin writes all forms of web content to help your website stand out. Whether you’re launching a new site or need regular content updates to an existing one, Robin can create memorable messaging that’s right for your needs, including web pages, customer emails, e-blasts, and e-newsletter content.

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Robin has extensive experience as an elite speechwriter, serving C-level executives, industry experts, thought leaders, corporations, and associations across many industries. She is prepared to partner closely with you or your team to craft the message you want to deliver in a style that will help you connect strongly with your target audience.

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With extensive experience and unique expertise writing for corporate clients, top executives, and other business experts and thought leaders across many industries, Robin is attuned to the subtle nuances that create outstanding, well-positioned thought leadership content. She works closely with each client to understand their angle, positioning, and goals to ensure delivery of the highest quality content.

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With more than two decades of experience writing for C-level and other top executives across many industries, Robin is attuned to the subtle nuances that create outstanding, well-positioned executive communications. She works closely with her executive clients to provide best-in-class service.

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Based in San Francisco, Robin partners with many Silicon Valley tech firms to deliver their technical copy on tight deadlines. Whether writing about mobility, security, social, cloud, or virtualization, Robin has a high comfort level writing about technical and scientific concepts. She can make complex tech content accessible to a wide range of readers, as well as write for more tech-savvy audiences.

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Robin fills a special niche in medical writing, editing, and healthcare communications. With vast experience serving many sectors of the healthcare industry—from pharma advertising and marketing to healthcare publishing and medical education—she can address your company’s specific challenges.

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With over a thousand interviews with CEOs, senior executives, Fortune 500 companies, thought leaders, industry experts, and business executives behind her, Robin can provide exceptional interviewing and research skills across many industries. Her industry-specific research is second-to-none.

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CEOs, senior executives, and other professionals might be stellar at their positions, but not so great at resume writing. Robin makes it easier for job seekers—at all levels, in all industries—to land the next big opportunity by crafting the perfect bio, resume, or LinkedIn profile on their behalf.

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Robin offers the rare combination of equal expertise in writing and editing. With extensive experience as a senior-level editor for world-class organizations as well as a corporate writer, Robin’s detail-oriented approach to editing helps companies and individuals focus on their core business.

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